About Us

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Created With A Beam Of Light
The heart of our operation is a computer controlled carbon dioxide laser cutter. Laser cuts are clean and precise down to several thousands of an inch. A laser beam apply's no loading to the part being cut thus allowing smaller more detailed cutting. The diameter of the focused laser beam is around .005'' of an inch!

We Love To Fly
Our love of aviation and flying spans three generations. I learned RC modeling from my father Delbert "Del" Wilson Jr. My father has been in the hobby well before my time and currently holds a private pilot rating. My grandfather Delbert "Bert" Wilson Sr. flew control line and full size aircraft many years ago. Bert Sr. also logged many hours in B25's and A20's while serving in the Army Air Corps. At Dynamic Foamy our passion for flight is the main motivating force that drives our business.

Bert Sr.

Service With A Smile
If you fly the indoor venues chances are you have run into my wife Jennifer. She loves to interact with fellow RC'ers at local shows and events. Jennifer brings a softer side to our business with her years of experience in sales and marketing. I on the other hand have over 15 years of experience in automated machining and design as a engineering professional. My father Del helps us out from time to time both at shows and behind the scenes. He has 30+ years experience in biomedical electronics and handles a lot of our R&D and product testing.

Lastly, if you have any new ideas or suggestions on improvements for our existing products please drop us a line.

Bert & Jennifer Wilson

Bert & Jen