Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer,

We have been serving the RC community since 2006! You will find many satisfied customers of ours ranging over 20 different countries. If your are unsure about who we are, Google Dynamic Foamy and read what you find. RC groups has hundreds of posts about our products and serves as a great resource for the hobby enthusiast. Here are some import things you must understand about our company:

Due to the nature of our business we DO NOT accept returns on any of the items we sell. It is your responsibility to understand what it is that you are buying. All of our aircraft are “kits” which means that they have to be built or assembled. We DO NOT sell “ready to fly aircraft” so assembly is required on 100% of the models we sell.

Since we have NO control over the building and flying of our products, the buyer (you) assumes all risk and liability from using Dynamic Foamy products. No warranties of any kind are implied or expressed.

All of our planes have been engineered to perform as advertised. We DO NOT guarantee success; flying model aircraft requires skill and understanding of basic building principals. If you are a beginner and lack the ability to fly model aircraft on your own, DO NOT buy our product. Consider buying a flight sim instead!

We have zero control over a package once it leaves our shop. We ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen and or damaged packages. We provide tracking information when the product ships for you to monitor your shipments. If your package is received damaged please contact us immediately (we will do what we can)!

We DO NOT honor errors on pricing and shipping. If a price is incorrect you will be notified of the correct amount and given the opportunity to continue your order.

Lastly, we are a make to order business (first in first out). Our great reputation in the RC community keeps us busy 7 days a week. When you place an order for a kit, we cut that style of kit and ship it directly to you. It can take several business days for us to process your order depending on how many orders we are processing at that time. Please be patient with us and know that we are trying to get things done as quickly as possible.


Thanks for your business,

Bert Wilson